Is Bitcoin ERA Legit or a Scam?

As we have seen from the article so far, Bitcoin ERA proves to be a reliable trading bot. For that reason, it can be used by even beginners who don’t know much about the cryptocurrency world.

The best thing about this app is that all you need to get started is a minimum deposit of $250. More to that, the platform is ultimately transparent and is highly protected from hacks. This ensures the ultimate safety of the user’s data.

Bitcoin Growth

the digital gold of the internet is one of the biggest internet sensation these days. Bitcoin laid the foundation of a new world of cryptocurrency that is now very much advanced and progressing day by day. Cryptocurrencies work on decentralised platforms that are not being controlled by a third party or organisation.

Central banks or authorities usually govern fiat currencies like dollar or pounds, so it is up to them to decide value and worth of these currencies. The worth of cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are what people perceive and depend upon the overall concept of supply and demand.

In the case of Bitcoin, events like bitcoin halving and the fact that one day, the generation of bitcoins will stop in the mining process is what makes its value volatile. Many were made rich and poor because of this unpredictable nature of Bitcoins. This volatile or changing environment always attracts investors to make a trade and invest in bitcoins.

It is indeed a risky business, but with correct knowledge and research, you could come up with smart investments and will be able to generate good profits. As people were interested more and more in investing and trading in bitcoins, the evolving technology resulted in a new and advanced form of systems designed to automate the process of trading.

These automated applications are designed to facilitate and help the user to make the right investments and trading. Human involvement is very less in these kinds of software, and the process is more of automated itself. This helps someone who is not so capable of earning in the live market to invest small and make huge profits.

The Credibility of Bitcoin Era

So far we’ve discussed the potential of Bitcoin Era and how profitable it could be for a person who is interested in trading bitcoins. The most obvious question which the peoples ask about

Bitcoin is it real or scam?

To address the most frequently asked question, one of the well-known crypto analysts performed a test on this platform by utilizing the most sophisticated analytical tool and the results which were being obtained through this test are quite encouraging.

Bitcoin era is the most leading crypt trading software that guarantees the highest return to their clients. Outcomes of tests that were delicately conducted by the most sophisticated analytical tool revealed that the success rate of the bitcoin era is about 94%.

As the bitcoin era is already tested and verified for providing high returns, anyone willing to invest his money in bitcoin can manage to compound his seed investment through Bitcoin Era.

Legitimate Crypto CFD Trading Versus Fraudulent Software

Trading CFD’s (contracts for difference) can be an extremely lucrative venture, but as with everything in life high rewards mean high risk. Get-rich-quick schemes like Bitcoin Era speak nothing of the risk and only mention the perceived benefits, and that is the first red flag. CFD’s are based on the notion that you don’t have to actually own a stock portfolio, you merely buy a contract (call or put) based on certain market rates and speculate if it will expire above or below the resistance line. The margins are your profit (or loss).

A Few Viable Options

Once in a blue moon a truly profitable system is launched and we review it. If it passes our screening process we add it to our recommended section and keep monitoring the performance levels. So if you are searching for a genuine trading app, we invite you to check out our systems and let us know what you think.

Recommended Systems

Bitcoin Era Review, Summary, and Final Recommendations
The Blacklisted Bitcoin Era scam app and automated trading platform is not to be trusted. It is powered by a losing software and promoted by unethical affiliate marketers who are motivated by fat commission checks and do not have your best interests at heart. We have produced ample proof of scam and malicious foul play so please refrain from joining this software and keep your wallet tucked away safely. Should you have any additional questions or queries please message us through our contact page or social media.

Creating an account on Bitcoin Era

Step 1: Registration

The first step is easy and simple. Fill out the form in the Bitcoin Era homepage, so you can register an account and start using the software. The details consist in your full name, a password that needs to have 1 Capital and 1 number (minimum of 6 characters), and finally your email and your phone number. After you register, which is quite easy and simple, you will be connected with a broker and you will be able to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Familiarising yourself with the Platform

To ensure you will be making the most of your Bitcoin Era platform, once you are assigned a broker, you can check out your profile, your practice account, or get started with the live account.

You can find below a brief description of the sections in your dashboard:

  • Trading Accounts: That’s where you will check the activity and summary of your trading accounts. We recommend to only have 1 trading account ongoing at the same time.
  • My Profile: That’s where you can set up your details, change your password and submit your KYC documents. Regulated brokers require to know who you are, thus you will need to submit KYC to withdraw your profits. It’s a standard procedure.
  • Fund Transfer: That’s where you can deposit or withdraw your funds.
  • Platform Downloads: This is not necessary, but you can download the platform you use for trading with Bitcoin Era.
  • Service Desk: That’s a 24/7 dedicated customer care team to assist you with any queries you might have.

Step 3: Live and Demo Trading

There are two trading modes you can choose from. List of live accounts is the option to choose when you’re ready to go into the live mode and start making profit, and practice accounts are your common “demo accounts“.

The demo accounts are optional, but we recommend it as one of the first strategies to avoid the risks of losses. What is it about? It is a demo mode, which is a way to experiment with the platform and perform trades with fictitious money as an experiment with Bitcoin Era and the broker. It does work in a very similar way to what the real operations are in live mode. We recommend you trying it to learn the different operations that you can execute on the platform, so that once you have familiarised yourself with everything, you can start trading for real.

In Live trading, is where you are going to tell the robot exactly how you want it to do the things for you.

In this step you can access the control panel where you can basically set up all the details about how you expect the robot to operate.

Then, you will also have access to the history of operations to see both successful and failed operations. You can also “open trades” to check them in real time, as well as being able to switch the live account to the demo account, or vice versa, depending on what you want to do at any time.

Step 4: Deposit

Once you have set up your account and you have everything ready to start trading, it’s time to deposit real money to start using your live account and start trading with Bitcoin Era. Remember, the software is free to use but you require some funds to start trading with the brokers.

The accepted  payment methods vary from broker to broker, but the most common methods accepted are Visa and Master credit cards, Neteller and Skrill.


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