The truth

Finally, we will explain in our Bitcoin Storm review how this scam work. When you sign up for the program, they will create a trading account on your behalf and without your consent with an unregulated broker.

Then they will ask you to deposit money with that shady broker, saying that you need to do it, otherwise their software cannot make you money. But in all honesty, it is just a lame excuse to make you send them your money. If you do it, they will keep it and you will never get anything back.

Not only you cannot expect any profits from this program, you have to expect calls for more deposits. They will try hard to get as much money from you as they can.


In the last, it is no doubt that the Bitcoin STorm developers have used the best website layout that seems very genuine. Their claim that people can actually huge profit without depositing any money is very tempting but it’s totally fake! Because they don’t allow the traders to trade on demo.

furthermore, they have nothing to say about their advanced algorithms, trading strategies or AI and ML! When the trader risks his/her own money in the trading, the scammers do not just steal that money, but also the trader is unable to withdraw any earnings.

So in the light of all the facts, there is no doubt that Bitcoin Storm is a legit SCAM! If you want to share or want a review on some other Forex trading website, then feel free and leave a comment. Let us know your thoughts and stories on Bitcoin Stream!

Bitcoin Storm Review

The app has already been blacklisted by many traders and bloggers. It’s important to point out that Bitcoin Storm is a cloned software which has been copied or recycled several times in the past few years.

Bitcoin Storm CFD Brokers: When we signed up the broker which was assigned to us was, which is owned and operated by Multiexport OÜ and has a registered business address in Tallinn Estonia.

Experttrader is not licensed to provide investment or ancillary services (in other words its not a real broker). This also ties in with the fact that a well-known affiliate network is promoting the Bitcoin Storm scam, and there are many fake reviews which are endorsing it as well.

Exposed: SCAM Evidence

The style of promotion depicts that this is a get rich quick scheme. Most of the time, these apps are a scam because they promise the impossible.

On the Bitcoin Storm main registration area. You will notice that they are saying you can “become the next millionaire”. This type of hype is very much associated with get-rich-quick schemes and should serve as an immediate red flag and warning sign.

There are many examples of duplicate sites which use the exact same same sales pitch about how you can become the next millionaire and why you should signup and start “changing your life today”. They even use the exact same video presentation with Jake Tapper from CNN. Now, the actual trading dashboard is a kind of white label solution where dirty affiliate marketers just integrate with the losing software, change the name or color scheme and they are good to go.

Fake Bitcoin Storm testimonials

Some review websites are acting irresponsibly and endorsing the Bitcoin Storm scam for reasons related to monetary compensation. This is basically something to do with greed. The owners of these review sites only care about their pockets as opposed to the safety of their traders. That is why they keep endorsing a scam even when it’s clear that Bitcoin Storm is a shady app.

Since the crypto-mania bubble burst in 2017, many trading robots have been developed with different trading algorithms and strategies. These trading robots have been designed to trade automatically without human intervention. While some have been accused of not being genuine, others succeded to gain users’ trust.

One of the automated trading robots that caught traders’ attention is Bitcoin Storm, which is a fully automated trading software with a claimed accuracy rate of 99.4%.

In this review, we will cover all you need to know about Bitcoin Storm including its credibility, trading platform, fees, payouts, and more.

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What is Bitcoin Storm?

Bitcoin Storm is a crypto trading bot powered by advanced and sophisticated trading algorithms. The bot claims to be able to help traders generate profits speculating on cryptocurrencies prices using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

The trading robot allegedly conducts market research and scan the markets in a millisecond faster than its competitors. Consequently, the bot is able to identify trading opportunities and automatically place orders in the market through a regulated broker’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Storm claims to have an accuracy rate of 99.4%, which obviously overcomes humans trading capabilities. Although we cannot guarantee Bitcoin Storm’s accuracy rate, during our review we have found many users who claim that this robot has made them high profits.

A Bitcoin trading robot is a piece of software that was designed to automatically scan the crypto market and place orders in the market. Crypto trading robots claim to have a high accuracy rate without any human intervention.

How Does Bitcoin Storm Work?

Bitcoin Strom was developed by trading experts and top-notch programmers in order to remove human intervention and apply fully automatic trading software. As a result, the platform can be used by anyone and its an ideal solution for both beginners and professional traders.

Due to regulatory issues, trading robots are not allowed to accept and hold clients’ funds and therefore Bitcoin Storm funnels its traders to highly regulated brokers. These brokers ensure that your funds are safe, provide leverage ratio, and an advanced trading platform. The leverage ratio allows you to trade with a small amount so you should not risk capital you cannot afford to lose. The minimum deposit required to start trading with Bitcoin Storm is 250 USD.

Once you start trading with Bitcoin Storm, the bot scans the market and execute market orders through the broker’s trading platform based on a sophisticated trading algorithm.  According to Bitcoin Storm, trading with the bot requires an average of 20 minutes a day to maximize profits and there are no hidden fees when trading with the bot.

Is Bitcoin Storm legit?

It’s not a secret that there are many scams in the crypto market that offer worthless services. Some trading robots haven’t proven to be reliable, however, we have found users online claiming that Bitcoin Storm is a legit platform and that they were able to profit through this bot.

From our investigation and based on user feedback, Bitcoin Storm appears to be legit. The robot is transparent and it seems that the information presented on the website is genuine. Bitcoin Storm also maintains security measures and efforts to protect clients’ funds. Those include website SSL security, users’ data encryption and partnership with regulated and well-known brokers.