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Bitcoin is still a hedge for most investors. It is a small amount with great upside. Most institutional and retail investors have not yet fully accepted the impact hyperbitcoinization will have on finance. Christian Keroles, host of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast”, sat down to talk with Louis Liu (CEO and founder of Mimesis Capital), an institutional investor...
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Square has announced that it is launching another bitcoin-focused project, with open-source development, decentralization, and other features, Jack Dorsey, founder of the company, has said. Dorsey revealed in a series Tweets that very little information was available about the new project. He said that the new business would join Tidal, Cash App, and Seller as...
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Contrary to the belief that crypto-currency assets like Bitcoin are a safe haven, most central banks around the world have stated that cryptocurrencies won’t replace gold as a safe place. The survey of almost 30 central banks was conducted by Swiss investment bank UBS between April and June 2021. It found that 84% of respondents...
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Cathie Wood was a name many people hadn’t heard of before 2020. However, it wasn’t long before she became a legend as an investor. The value of her ARK Invest exchange traded funds more than doubled in the last year, despite some turbulence (ARK Innovation ETFNYSEMKT.ARKKWood is still seen by many investors as an innovator...
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A mistake in Microsoft’s accounts allowed one engineer to swindle more than $10 million by selling Xbox Gift Cards for Bitcoin over the course of two years. This is according to a report from Bloomberg. Microsoft has hired engineers to simulate purchases in its stores to ensure that its payment systems are working. Volodymyr Kvashuk, who joined...
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The creator of ARK advised a digital audience in the Robin Hood Investors Seminar the institutional instance for bitcoin alone could induce the cryptocurrency into $500,000. All it’d require for bitcoin to achieve at a value of $500,000 is to allow institutional investors to devote only 5% of the portfolios into the cryptocurrency, based on...
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The favorite cryptocurrency is famous for its volatility, and thus don’t hesitate to find prices spike to $1 million this past decade since bitcoin grows more rare than gold and large pension funds begin piling up, based on Fred Pye, president and CEO in 3iQ. “Bitcoin is now the very prosperous investment in the history...
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The whole number of capital spent in’standard’ bitcoin futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) slipped into a nearly two-year low Wednesday, signaling a decrease in institutional action. The dollar value of available interest – futures traded but not liquidated having an offsetting place – fell to $1.36 billion, but at least because Dec....
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A federal grand jury has accused 22 individuals of spending greater than $2 million of bitcoins to get tens of thousands of charge card accounts stolen from Kmart at a hack which victimized at least 80 of the merchant’s Chicago-area clients. Three added’co-schemers’ – for example one that paid $4 million of bitcoin cryptocurrency for...
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Two Canadian bitcoin ETFs issued’market disruption’ warnings in that week’s crypto turmoil, emphasizing the dangers these kinds of vehicles which are very popular with retail dealers confront from the marketplace’s acute volatility. Bitcoin tumbled by nearly a third in one stage on Wednesday in an abrupt lurch reduced that triggered curbs intended to ease panicky...
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Square is building a new open-source platform for bitcoin, and it’s calling it ‘TBD’
July 17, 20210
Central banks say cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, others will not displace gold as a safe haven
July 13, 20210
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