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At the moment, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporters are celebrating 14 years of Satoshi’s Bitcoin whitepaper. , Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, first published the whitepaper on’s Cryptography Mailing List at 2:10 p.m. ET on October 31, 2008. This date marks the first time Satoshi has shared the vision of the inventor. The first sentence Bitcoin’s creator said was: I have been...
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Chandler Guo, self-described organizer of the Ethereum hard fork, claims that Ether ( ETH) as well as the proof-of work ETHW, will have the same USD values in ten years. Guo claimed that the new token, currently trading at a fraction its September 15 high of $1.50, has the potential to grow 100x. Guo stated that the...
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Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH), plunged immediately after Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech. ETH and BTC prices dropped by 1.83% and 1.80% within an hour of Jerome Powell’s Jackson Hole speech. This sharp drop comes at a time where macroeconomic factors are not favorable to the cryptocurrency sector. The crypto market saw a brief rally after...
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  Bitcoin rose to above $23,000 after stocks rose after the U.S. Federal Reserve raised the interest rates, but indicated that the pace of increases could slow. The correlation between cryptocurrencies and U.S stocks has been strong, especially the Nasdaq which jumped 4% on Wednesday. At 4:00 p.m., Bitcoin was traded at $23,740.00 According to CoinMetrics data, Thursday’s ET...
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“In 2015, at the tender age 29 years old, I quit my job to write a book without knowing what it would lead to.” Seven years later, Alex Tapscott, a Canadian business author, is well-known for his national bestseller Blockchain Revolution. He is also the founder and CEO at NextBlock, a digital asset investment company, and...
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The Commodities Futures Trading Commission  charged Mirror Trading International with fraud. They claimed that the company was a multi-level marketing scam that swindled billions of investors. The commission stated that this was the biggest fraudulent scheme involving Bitcoin in any CFTC case. The company was advertised as a bitcoin trading platform and investors who pooled their funds...
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The El Salvador government is being criticised for its bet on bitcoin by Nayib Bukele, the president of the country. He purchased more than 2,300 Bitcoin to fund the country’s treasury. Alejandro Zelaya is El Salvador’s treasury Minister. He has claimed that this isn’t a significant loss in the overall picture. On the issue, Zelaya stated: The Bitcoin strategy...
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Binance Labs is the investment and venture capital organization for the cryptocurrency exchange. They have announced a new round to diversify their investment portfolio. The company’s capital arm has announced that it will launch an investment fund to concentrate on the Web3 and blockchain sectors. It will be able to invest $500 million in projects that aim to expand...
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StoneX Group, a derivatives specialist, has executed its first bitcoin swap in US dollars. This joins a growing number of financial institutions that are making their first forays into cryptocurrency markets. StoneX Markets, a subsidiary of the company, made cash-settled Swaps – derivatives contracts which exchange two financial instruments at a specific time – available...
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Blizzard is a game development studio that has created many franchises such as Starcraft, Warcraft and Overwatch. They are currently asking gamers for their opinion on NFTs, play-to earn mechanics, and other topics. According to sources, the poll asked players about other topics that are more relevant for gaming companies, such as augmented reality or cloud gaming....
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